About Motorcycle Rental Bangkok

We offer motorcycle rental services in Bangkok, Thailand. After a short stay in Bangkok, everyone can see that the city is crowded and there are constant traffic jams. Following this statement, we chose to act and discover an answer to help individuals get around Bangkok with our motorcycles. With many years of experience riding bikes in Bangkok, we realized that bikes are the best answer to get around the city quickly and modestly. With this in mind, we have chosen to start a bike rental business. Our main objective is to offer bikes for rent with the best assistance, at any time and at the lowest rental price. Our vision is to be an organization that provides opportunities, safety, and security to individuals in Bangkok. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly motorcycle rentals to provide the Best motorbike rental in Bangkok

Best Motorcycle Rental

We are very involved in the motorcycles.  We take care of our vehicles as if we were using them and even better. We can recommend the vehicle that would suit you best according to your needs and prerequisites. We offer the largest selection of models in Bangkok. Whatever you are looking for, we have it for you! Whether it’s a bike and 3 wheelers or a big bike, contact us and we will have the right bike for you! We have been the leading bike rental organization since we opened our doors. We are the number 1 bike rental organization in terms of opening date, size of the armada, awareness: We provide the Best motorbike rental in Bangkok

Our Services

Would you like to ride a motorcycle in Bangkok, but you need more confidence in your riding skills? Or, on the other hand, would you like to start riding motorbikes, but have no idea how to physically ride? Don’t worry – we currently offer both manual and programmed motorbike and motorcycle driving exercises. Let’s deal with us , Best motorbike rental in Bangkok

If you intend to stay in Thailand and need to drive legitimately and safely, you need to get a Thai driver’s license. The Thai Driver’s License Administration has been helping foreigners obtain Thai vehicle and cruiser licenses since long time.  We make the interaction simple and straightforward for you. It takes 3-6 hours and you will have your license at your fingertips. It is even conceivable to get a permit while having a holiday visa! You’ll be able to deal with the Best motorbike rental in Bangkok.

Our Location

Add to that our location, we are centrally located in the city of Bangkok. How to visit us: The best way to visit us is to take the BTS and stop at PHROM PHONG station, then take the third exit and walk to the entrance of Soi 26. There are two options. One is to walk to our store, it takes about 25 minutes, follow the road from Soi to K village, then turn left twice. The other option is to take a moto-taxi at the entrance of soi 26 and ask it to take you to Soi TAN or Soi Attha Kawi 1. Come to us and get the Best motorbike rental

Our Team

We have an attentive to offer the Best motorbike rental and more than present customer service department: accessible 24 hours a day, we can react to your needs wherever you are in the city and help you. We also have a group of mechanics who will take care of the maintenance of your bike. Our group can communicate in different dialects such as French, English or Thai: you are sure to be seen and dealt with by someone from your home nation. Our clients are extremely valuable to us. Their well-being is far more important than the interest of our organization.